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Yakov Shehter

70 years / Seniority 43 years
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Our company is the official representative of the doctor Yakov Shehter worldwide
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A A leading oncodermatologist Israel, head of onkodermatologu Assuta Hospital. He specializes in the treatment of metastatic melanoma

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James Schechter considered one of the best oncologists, dermatologists who practice medicine and takes patients. it specializes in treating various types of skin malignancies, radiation therapy and clinical oncology. Dr. Schechter became a doctor after studying in two schools: School of Medicine, opened at "Hadassah" hospital and the University of Tel Aviv. In addition, he received an additional specialization, studying in Israel and other countries. Scientist with youth engaged in research activities.

a world-class specialist has developed its own method of treatment of melanoma with metastases. it has written more than 200 scientific papers based on his research and clinical trials. Many years teaching at Tel Aviv University, first as a teacher, then a professor. Dr. Sheher founded and headed the institute of "Ella", dealing with the problems the study of cancer of the skin ailments. Also working at the institute at the hospital named Sheba, which is involved in the development and testing of new methods for melanoma treatment.

Research Issues

Under the guidance of Professor Jacob Schechter developed an experimental TIL therapy for patients with metastatic melanoma which is considered the most promising direction now.

Participates in the design and conduct of clinical trials for the development of new cancer therapies that combine radiation and drug therapy, and radiation therapy techniques.

Professional activities

  • Extensive experience in the specialty at the medical center Ichilov-Sourasky.
  • A leading specialist of Israel in the treatment of melanoma.
< h2> Exams / Accreditations

Medical center. Rabin. . Training in the field of oncology and radiotherapy

Membership Community / Participation in events

  • The European Association of Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC);
  • The Israeli Association Oncology and clinical radiotherapy;.
  • The Company early clinical trials of melanoma

scientific activities

Professor Jacob Schechter is the author of over 57 scientific publications devoted to issues and the problems of the treatment of melanoma.

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1800$ - 2700$
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from 450$
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from 450$
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Clinic reviews
Was on reception at the Professor Schechter 01.12.15, in General this is the second time, last was in August 2014 Professor left the impression of a very competent and attentive specialist, looked at all available documents, and drives sickness again interviewed all the details about his illness, although he had a description before. Conducted a complete physical examination! The results gave me a medicine which I had hoped, 100% cure is not promised, but through an interpreter I understand that the doctor is sure that the medicine is supposed to help in the fight against melanoma. After I asked questions about the existing and perspective methods of treatment of melanoma, for which they received satisfactory answers. Next appointment in 4 months, there will be seen acted as a medicine. It is a pity that in Russia very difficult to find a competent, caring specialist, although I'm sure they are. Well, the professionalism Schechter I, and no doubt read many articles about him and his work in the study and treatment of melanoma.
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