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Alzheimer's, you could say, went on the offensive. In the world every 7 seconds sick of it by one person. And the manifestations of this ailment are more than 6% of people older than 66 years. The disease lasts on average 9-10 years.

Why not all cases of Alzheimer's accounted for in the statistics? Many elderly people and does not occur to consult a doctor at the first signs: forgetfulness, difficulties in concentration, not previously observed oddities in nature. Lead to the doctor an elderly person's relatives, when dementia becomes dangerous.

it is believed that Alzheimer's Disease is incurable. But this is only part of the truth. There are already preparations to facilitate the condition when the disease. And the sooner they will appoint, the longer people will be able to live a relatively normal life and not need supervision. Medication in capsule form, patients can be taken with food. recommends only those doctors and technology, which are recognized as best in the world.

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Hallo, I was only 17 and was diagnosed with Meningitis/TB. It was many years ago but I recall that I was well taken care of for the 3 months I was hospitalized in the Uni Clinic. I was born and raised in Burgbernheim, which is about 45 minutes from Wuerzburg, my family could only visit me on Weekends. However I remember that I was well taken care of by the staff. I spend a little over 3 months there and although I have traumatic memories about the illness I have fond memories of the staff. We, me and some other kids, used to take the tunnel to the Cafeteria
Anita Mueller
The diagnosis of epilepsy, was put to me half a year ago. It all started with the fact that I have often twitch the eyelids and dizzy. But I chalked it up to chronic fatigue from a stressful job. But I continued working because I wanted to finalize before retirement. But the frequent failures in some strange state, almost brought up the fact that in our factory, I almost ruined expensive equipment. I had good insurance from our company (in connection with the work on the most dangerous trade) and I decided to consult a neurologist. The neurologist did not really say, prescribed a sedative and sent home. After a couple of months I started having these seizures. My job was dangerous! And my Director with whom I had a good relationship, literally forced me to apply to the Hadassah Medical center. He was treated there once. Insurance would almost cover the treatment. Now I am receiving treatment from Dr. Reches. The seizures became less, dizziness is not so often I have come, and in general, began to feel better. And in general, having been here a few months, I have seen so successfully treated people who came here without any hope. But here they were able to help me, what was very refreshing!
My little niece was treated in the division of EEG studies and epilepsy of the Israeli Assuta hospital, which is headed by Professor Neufeld, Miri. I do not want to go into details of the treatment process, as we were all very upset by the illness of the little Sarah, but thanks God and doctors – neurologists of the clinic, our baby recovered.
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