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urethritis Usually does not cause pronounced symptoms and therefore, only 20-30% of patients apparently in a timely manner begin treatment. But today's analyzers with up to 95% identify the disease in its very early stages. And if everyone will be checked regularly, according to intelligence, Ministry of health, the disease for a year or two can reduce their performance by 3-4 times.

a Burning sensation when urinating happens in men and in women. And those and others it is frightening and perplexing - what happened? What happened was, most likely, bacterial "attack" on the urethra. Not necessarily it is related to venereal disease, but tested do not interfere!

Urethritis is a disease in which inflammation of the walls of the urethra. In most cases, bacterial agents. But there are also radiation, allergic and toxic. It is necessary to apply to the doctor-urologist. Treatment is almost always - antibiotic therapy.

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She was treated by Inbar. Actually he is working in Ichilov, but maintains a private practice in Assuta that it is very profitable and, therefore, the attitude to patients is appropriate. It was a lot of doubt on Israel, but dare and have no regrets, there a hand filled - a difficult case to decide, my including. When he returned to Moscow, went to the local oncologist, he was surprised that such a treatment is suggested, where it reads, but in practice met. so think - worth it or not.
I have a hemangioma in my hand (forearm+wrist)is there any successful treatment
marwa aammar
I was treated in the urology Department of the hospital Chaim Sheba about BPH. The symptoms were pretty nasty, I was afraid that in Russia the doctors do not telling me something or do not notice, so I went to Israel. After a full observing I calmed down, really, except the adenoma nothing was founded and the doctors clinic Chaim Sheba treated adenoma very successfully.
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