Ligaments treatment in China
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Ligaments treatment in China

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Ligamentum (inflammation of ligaments) – a disease common among the 6-8% of the adult able-bodied population.

Legamenti their insidious non-specific symptoms. Is expressed in tenderness and swelling of the tissues, the violation of the mobility of a nearby joint. Could be mistaken for heel spurs or damage to the knee meniscus. Is post-traumatic, reactive, reloading. Requires careful diagnosis and differentiation, during which it is important to establish the presence of inflammation.

Ligamentum (inflammation of ligaments) can be successfully treated with physiotherapy, medication, topical use, local injections. If you set ligamentina requires temporary immobilization of part of the body where there is an inflamed ligament. recommends only those doctors and technology, which are recognized as best in the world.

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