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Private rehabilitation center "Three sisters"

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➤ Private rehabilitation center "Three sisters" ➤ Moscow, Russia ☺ reviews $ Prices for treatments and diagnostics ✆ Make an appointment +7 499 348 2738
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Three sisters — a private center for rehabilitation medicine, which meets European quality standards in the field of rehabilitation.
Our company is the official representative of Private rehabilitation center "Three sisters" worldwide
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Doctor  Dmitriy Viktorovich Kukhno Dmitriy Viktorovich Kukhno

Specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation with experience more than 20 years.

Doctor  Ivan Alexanderovich Kolbin Ivan Alexanderovich Kolbin

An urology and neyrourologii specialist. it is engaged in the treatment of urological disorders in diseases of the nervous system.

Doctor  Lubov Gennadyevna Nikolaeva Lubov Gennadyevna Nikolaeva

An experienced neurologist and reflexologist.

About Private rehabilitation center "Three sisters"

Частный реабилитационный центр «Три сестры» – медицинское учреждение, специализирующееся на качественном восстановлении больных после инсультов и тяжелых травм. Организовано по стандарту лучших европейских и американских клиник, где реабилитируют и возвращают к нормальной жизни «тяжелых» пациентов. Центр расположен в экологически чистой зоне за МКАД-ом, а внутри него царит уют, комфорт и доброжелательная обстановка.

In the state of the private rehabilitation center "Three sisters" are doctors of the highest qualification category, talented therapists, rehabilitation medicine professionals, experienced chiropractors, physiotherapists, massage therapists. The center is staffed by sensitive and responsive nurses.
Private rehabilitation center "Three sisters" are equipped with the most modern equipment for successful rehabilitation of patients with complications of trauma and acute disorders of cerebral circulation. It has developed unique methods of treatment are minimally invasive operations are carried out training courses to everyday life skills.

In a private rehabilitation center "Three sisters" you will render comprehensive assistance in returning to a healthy and full life ensure a homely atmosphere, ease pain and discomfort.

Address directions: Schelkovskoe shosse, 30 km from MKAD, der. Raika, St. Chekhov, 1.

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