Knyazkova Vladimir Borisovich Russia
Seniority 38 years , ☺ 11 reviews $ Prices for treatments and diagnostics
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Knyazkova Vladimir Borisovich

59 years / Seniority 38 years
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Our company is the official representative of the doctor Knyazkova Vladimir Borisovich worldwide
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A specialist in the field of otorhinolaryngology in laser surgery and otolaryngology

Treat diseases

Knyazkov Vladimir Borisovich - otolaryngologist, a laser surgeon, honored doctor of the Russian Federation, Ph.D., a A leading expert of the Center for Laser Medicine "MILM»

Ongoing studies.

Conducts diagnosis of upper respiratory tract diseases in acute and chronic forms. Explores the ears, nose and throat by modern endoscopic equipment. it interprets the results of laboratory and radiation research.

Проводит операции на ЛОР органах с применением хирургической лазерной системы СО2 «SHARPLAN (LUMENIS)».

Профессиональная деятельность

The sphere of interests of Vladimir Borisovich Knyazkova includes laser treatment of chronic pathologies of upper respiratory tract. it performs surgery with the help of modern carbon dioxide laser. Performs tonsillectomy, adenotomy, kristotomiyu, septoplasty, nasal plastic valves, correction shells mikrogaymorotomiyu, uvuloplastiku (for snoring). Removes benign tumors.


Clinic reviews
I took the wife and daughter in MILM to Vadim Borisovich purposefully. It so happened that one day he helped me,so I fully trusted him. Anka we adenoids removed,and his wife, the reimplantation was done.Moreover, there is modern technology,the equipment cool. After all, the health of my girls - the most expensive thing in the world.
When doctors our snakes shrugged,I mother's friend advised me to treat my deformed nasal valves to the clinic MILM. Vadim B. made me a beautiful,well breathable nose. And no bloody pictures.
Since adolescence, I have observed snoring and there was nothing to do. Whatever the specialist we went, all said that this is a transitional age and hormonal. But with age, nothing has changed! To snoring has been added and more frequent colds. After treatment in the center of Laser medicine "MILM" the doctor Knyazkovo Vladimir Borisovich, I underwent septoplasty. Now the snoring is almost gone and I just can't believe this!
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