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Oleg Andreevich Ten

38 years / Seniority 12 years
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Our company is the official representative of the doctor Oleg Andreevich Ten worldwide
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it specializes in oncology emergency, emergency surgical care, treatment and prevention of dysbiosis in colorectal cancer.

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Dr. Oleg Andreevich Ten is abdominal cancer surgery. Graduated SZGMU Mechnikov, where he received a knowledge of the medical practice. it then delved into the study of surgery, he was an intern in this direction. In 2010, it raised his qualifications by studying surgical techniques when combined injuries.

Dr residency was in the hospital emergency Oncology, where he learned to provide emergency medical care. In 2014, Dr. Teng studied the methods of treatment and the operational and emergency endoscopy, and is now applying this knowledge in practice. Specialist constantly engaged in the study of new medical techniques, as well as giving time research.

He is the co-author and author of 18 relevant scientific works devoted to the study of cancer, particularly colorectal cancer. Dr. Teng was 2 scientific benefits. He is also the creator of one of the invention.

Oleg Ten holds surgical treatment of colorectal cancer, tumors of the abdominal cavity. Currently receives patients at the center of abdominal cancer.

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