Tarkhanov Alexander Valeryevich Russia
Seniority 27 years , Head of the Dentistry Department ☺ reviews $ Prices for treatments and diagnostics
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Clinic "K+31"
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Tarkhanov Alexander Valeryevich

Head of the Dentistry Department
54 years / Seniority 27 years
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Place of work
Clinic "K+31"
Our company is the official representative of the doctor Tarkhanov Alexander Valeryevich worldwide
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A dental surgeon and orthopaedist, conducts a wide range of interventions.

Treat diseases

Tarkhanov Alexander V. - dentist, prosthodontist, the surgeon conducts outpatient clinic in the K + 31

Ongoing studies.

He carries out all kinds of diagnostics, expired in restorative dentistry. Performs inspection tool, interprets the results and sighting ortopantomogrammu radiography.

Professional activities

He is engaged in the treatment of pathologies structures dentition. Treats caries (including Cervical), pulpitis, periodontal disease, periodontal disease, periodontitis, stomatitis, gingivitis, dental fluorosis and other diseases of the teeth and soft tissue. Performs extirpation and prosthetics / implantation.


In 1992, Alexander V. Tarhanov TvGMU graduated, in 2003 completed a clinical internship, in 2006 received further training in a dental surgery. He trained in Israel and Germany


  • 1992 - Tver State Medical Institute, specialty - dentistry <. / li>
  • 1993 - Ivanovo regional clinical Hospital, residency, specialty - dentistry
  • 2006 -. Proof of qualification as a surgeon dentist
  • 2006. - License course for qualification orthopedic dentist. Foreign internships:
  • 1996 - The Israeli State University, license course (Jerusalem, Israel).
  • 2005 - The International Center for Postgraduate Medical Education "GC-Belgium" (Tel Aviv, Israel)
  • 2002 -. Izraisky State University, prosthetics course at different implant systems (of Jerusalem ., Israel)
  • 2003 - University "Technion", raising the rate of "New approaches in aesthetic dentistry"
  • (g Haifa, Israel) 2005 - «Combined periodontal-orthodontic treatment». Prof. Nezar Watted (Germany); Tel Aviv. . Israel
  • 2005 - Clinical aspects periodentalnoy surgery »Dr.Ariel Hirsch; Tel Aviv, Israel
  • 2005 -. University "Technion", raising course "The use of lasers in dentistry", "Current implantology"
  • 2006 -. Confirming qualification of the doctor dentist, surgeon, Moscow
  • 2006 -. Additional state vocational education. Assigning a doctor qualification orthopedic dentist, Moscow
  • 2009 -. Cycle courses prof. G.Slavicheka (Steinbeis-Transfer-Institut): «Introduction to reconstructive dentistry", "Biotechnology in interdisciplinary dentistry. Functional aspects of the occlusion. Clinical functional analysis "," Diagnostic wax modeling. " Moscow.
  • 2010-2012 gg. - University graduate education Steinbeis-Transfer-Institute Biotechnology in Interdisciplinary Dentistry. Department "Biotechnology and interdisciplinary approach to the construction of occlusion." Head - prof. G.Slavichek Berlin.
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