Ushakov Igor Ivanovich Russia
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Ushakov Igor Ivanovich

Candidate of Medical Sciences
63 years / Seniority 33 years
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Our company is the official representative of the doctor Ushakov Igor Ivanovich worldwide
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Colonel of the Medical Service, the chief oncologist hospital.

Treat diseases


1977 - Naval Academy. CM. Kirov (Leningrad)

1990 - 1993 Department of Surgery adjuncture military medical faculty at TSIUV Defense Ministry.

1993 - defended his thesis on the topic "The role of intestinal failure in the pathogenesis and treatment of patients with multiple organ failure when diffuse peritonitis" under the direction of EA professors Nechayev and TS Popova

Work Experience

  • 1993 - 1998 - intern department of abdominal surgery GVKG them. NN Burdenko.
  • 1998 - the chief oncologist at the hospital GVKG them. NN Burdenko.
  • 1999 - chief oncologist of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

Scientific activities, Publications

  • 2000 -. The author of the monograph "The standardized approaches to diagnosis and treatment of the most common forms of malignant tumors ", together with the professor, corresponding member of RAMS NA Efim
  • 2005 - 2012 - member of the editorial board of "Russian Cancer Journal»


  • is co-author / co-author of 7 monographs and methodical recommendations issued for the medical institutions of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation and to the specialized agencies of medical institutions and medical institutions of the Russian Federation Ministry of health.
  • scientific publications devoted to the problems of treatment, diagnosis, and monitoring of patients with malignant tumors, as well as surgical treatment of tumors of the female genital organs
  • 2010 -. Co-author of the study "Comparative evaluation of the results of surgical treatment of localized and local / of advanced endometrial cancer. ..
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