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Song Do Khvan

56 years / Seniority 28 years
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Our company is the official representative of the doctor Song Do Khvan worldwide
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Professor, Department of Urology, specializing in the treatment of diseases of the prostate, kidney stones and remove the tumor.

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Before Dr. Song Hwang is one of the best urologists in South Korea. it works in the hospital at Inha University. it is also engaged in teaching, and teaching medical students. it conducts research and scientific activities, developing new treatment techniques for diseases of the genitourinary system.

He studied at Yonsei University, where he graduated from the Medical Faculty. Then it took a doctorate in Ёngnam University. Later it a few years probation and was trained in the US, where mastered advanced methods of treatment of urological diseases.

it working in the field of nephrology. In particular, it treats kidney and adrenal glands. Also, it treating urolithiasis and various tumors of the genitourinary system. A separate direction in the practice of it is to treat various diseases of the prostate. it takes a patients with an increase in tumors and prostate. In practice, Song Before Hwang refers to the latest high-performance therapeutic methods.

Clinic reviews
Made an appointment for the song To Hwang, one of the leading experts in the field of urology, where he heard a lot of rave reviews. My husband an adenoma of the prostate gland, and for a long time. Treatment at home hardly helped. After a comprehensive diagnosis, the Professor said that the operation is not required. The procedure conducted minimally invasive removal of diseased tissue of the prostate by laser (beoperational), prescribe medicines. Everything is fine! Dr. Hwang – many thanks!
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