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Clinic the children's diabetes Dialibre in Madrid

4 reviews
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➤ Clinic the children's diabetes Dialibre in Madrid ➤ Madrid, Spain ☺ 4 reviews $ Prices for treatments and diagnostics ✆ Make an appointment +7 495 990 4356
Main branches:
Pediatrics , Endocrinology
This is the only clinic in Spain, specializing in the treatment of type I diabetes in children and young people (0-25 years) and offering a comprehensive program of diabetes treatment (examination, medical care, insulin pump, monitoring blood glucose, education and training for patients).

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60$ - 2200$
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Clinic the children's diabetes Dialibre in Madrid ➤ Clinic the children's diabetes Dialibre in Madrid, ➤ Madrid, Spain, ☺ 4 reviews, $ Prices for treatments and diagnostics, ✆ Make an appointment: +7 495 990 4356
60 2200 USD
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Best doctors in selected clinic
Doctor  Patricia Enes Patricia Enes
Chief physician, author of the best results in the treatment of diabetes in children, officially published in Europe. He is the author of the project of training on the use of systems of pump therapy and continuous glucose monitoring for diabetes.
About Clinic the children's diabetes Dialibre in Madrid

specializes in

the Main activity of the clinic Dialibre is the treatment of diabetes mellitus in children and youth (0-25 years). Narrow specialization and over 10 years of experience Dialibre allow you to achieve consistently high results in the treatment of this chronic illness.

Chief physician Dialibre Patricia ENES – leader of a research team and be the best doctor according to the results published in Europe research

the peculiarity of the method – a systematic approach to the treatment of diabetes. It offers patients of the clinic: consulting physician-diabetologist (full-time and online), training at school of diabetes, the installation and use of the latest models of insulin pumps, systems, continuous glucose monitoring and integrated systems, counseling.

the Specifics of working with foreign patients and medical tourists

Flexible treatment programs have helped many families to begin to control diabetes, regardless of place of residence.

the Number and schedule of visits to the clinic are individually negotiated and in the intervals between face-to-face visits the patient receives a consultation online using telemedicine. In case of impossibility to come to Madrid for one of the face-to-face consultation, the clinic organizes Dialibre online consultation at a convenient time for the patient. Also have the opportunity to receive a one-time consultation online without having physical presence.

This approach allows us to achieve stable control of diabetes, reduce the risk of hypoglycaemia to a minimum and to ensure the child's independence.

the Mission of the clinic Dialibre

the aim of the clinic is to help patients maintain health and live life to the fullest. A comprehensive approach to treatment – the key to a healthy future of the child and professional medical care in the complex with the latest technology and training allows the patient to avoid complications and to ensure a high quality of life.

Example of the annual plan of treatment for foreign patients in the clinic Dialibre.

  • Medical advice:
    • full - time- every two months. If necessary, additional possible consultation. The program for the first visit lasts about 7 days and includes medical advice, tests and initial training program the school of diabetes. Follow-up visits last for 1-2 days.
    • Consultation online (Skype or similar) every two months in between face-to-face consultations.
  • specimen collection
    • the Primary Complete analysis of diabetes
    • Re-examination Glycated hemoglobin the
    • Complete Annual analysis of diabetes
    Blood: hemogram, blood chemistry, renal and hepatic tests, lipid profile, metabolism of calcium-phosphorus, celiac disease, indicators of thyroid antibody, HbA1c (glycated hemoglobin)
    Urine: biochemistry, microscopy of sediment, microalbuminuria
  • Applied medical technology
    • Insulin pump
    • a System for continuous monitoring of glucose
    • Integrated system
    • supplies (pumps: cannulas, catheters, batteries; systems continuous glucose monitoring sensors)
    today: Medtronic 640G, i-Port, bolus calculator, Abbott Freestyle Libre, Dexcom G4, Dexcom G5, Roche Accu-Chek Animas Vibe y br>
  • School of diabetes
    • Diabetology
    • the Use of technology
    • a Healthy diet for diabetes
  • Consultation with the high school coach of the diabetes (online consultations or in-person)
  • Consultation with a dietician (online consultations or in-person)
  • counseling on diabetes (online consultations or in-person)
Clinic reviews
Son was diagnosed with diabetes first type. The decision to go abroad for treatment were accepted almost immediately, as the disease is not simple. About the clinic Dialibre learned from friends with the same problem as us. Seeing a doctor Patricia ENES, attentive and knowledgeable doctor. Passed a lot of examinations and attend training and exercises, here we will learn how to control the disease. The child feels much better. Will continue to occur and continue in the clinic Dialibre.
My daughter was diagnosed with a terrible for us, then the diagnosis of diabetes mellitus. First I was told that diabetes cannot be cured, but then my friend at work said his relatives took the child abroad treated for diabetes mellitus in Spain. I found Calibre in Madrid on the Internet, read the reviews and decided to drive here for his daughter. We passed a lot of surveys... Then treated. The baby was much better. We also visited the training sessions to learn how to control the disease.
My daughter has had diabetes type II diabetes, my sister has recommended treatment in Spain in the hospital Dialibre Dr. Patricia has Aunes, a very good specialist and man.She's appointed a lot of surveys , and after them followed the treatment. And I during treatment, attend workshops, which tell how to control the disease. My daughter already feels better.
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