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The family fernández-VEGA for many generations engaged in the ophthalmology. Their Institute is one of the best in the country and the world institutions specializing in the treatment of pathologies. Specialists of the clinic many people helped to see the world clearly and accurately.
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The Institute oftalmologico Fernandez-VEGA - Spain
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About clinic The Institute oftalmologico Fernandez-VEGA

The Largest ophthalmology clinic was founded in Madrid in 1997. This is one of the most influential and modern medical centers have a narrow profile, specializing in eye health and vision correction — treatment of cataracts, trauma, glaucoma, keratoconus, etc.

the Institute occupies an area of 13 thousand square meters and holds annually more than 10 thousand operations, taking more than 110 thousand patients, including children of different ages. In his state — qualified and authoritative specialists, including doctors from dynasty fernández-VEGA, is engaged in the development and study of ophthalmology from the 19th century.

the main departments of the clinic include laboratory complex outpatient surgical center with multiple operating, equipped with a laser apparatus, and a hospital with 30 comfortable rooms including Deluxe apartments. In the diagnostics Department, among other things, using such techniques as electrooculogram, tonometry, retinal imaging, and pachymetry, angiography of the ocular fundus, corneal topography.

the Institute was founded a few charities that make treatment of diseases affordable for the widest range of patients from different countries.

Clinic reviews
I want to Express my gratitude to the hospital staff and your doctor for a successful operation for cataract treatment. Already having lost all hope, and barely surviving several operations on eyes (can not tolerate anesthesia), I began to look for a special clinic on the Internet. I read an article about the dynasty of the fernández-VEGA ophthalmological Institute in which every year several thousand patients are treated the same disease that I have. Selling a house in Odintsovo (Moscow oblast), I'm using the portal block, was able to successfully cure cataracts!
My son was born with very poor eye sight. We discovered this immediately, since all infants initially do not respond to the motion, and the doctors say that is normal. But somewhere in the year of the child, we began to worry. I went to the doctor and he was diagnosed with progressive myopia. This is a hereditary disease, as it turned out, and had to act immediately to save deteriorating vision. As it turned out, the surgery cost a lot of money, but through the save the children Fund, we were able to achieve treatment best eye care center of Spain - fernández-VEGA. Now the child is watching and it may be possible to cure it without surgery. Hospital staff is very attentive to the baby and never allow him to get bored. And on the beautiful grounds of the hospital, we often go out with the family. See here often, recovering patients, and no stress here the most important do not. The place somehow has and inspires confidence. I really hope for successful treatment!
When I went to treat glaucoma at the Institute oftalmologico Fernandez-VEGA, it was not my whim, but an urgent need to save my eyesight. Paid me treatment son, who was afraid that I will become invalid and he will have to take care of me himself, but he has his own business and he had no time. Therefore, it is through this portal honey ordered treatment in Spain, for certainly there helped me, and that he already tired to listen to me complain about our inept doctors. This hospital I liked very much, it is situated in a very picturesque place and has a lot of territory. In "for the rich" as people say. Communicate with the doctor, I through an interpreter provided by the block, and if the curator resorted to me it is worth it to me to dial on the phone. I really like it here, I want to stay here longer, and that we in Russia already cold.
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