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Bumrungrad International Hospital

➤ Bumrungrad International Hospital ➤ Bangkok, Thailand ☺ 8 reviews $ Prices for treatments and diagnostics ✆ Make an appointment +7 499 348 2738
The first hospital in Asia which is received Joint Commission International (JCI) certificate. The clinic provides a full range of superior health services, including dentistry.
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Bumrungrad International Hospital - Thailand
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Best doctors in selected clinic
Doctor  Dr. Chumroonkiet Leelasestaporn Dr. Chumroonkiet Leelasestaporn

The team leader of arthroplasty and a specialist in carrying out operations using computer navigation.

Doctor  Dr. Yot Navalitloha Dr. Yot Navalitloha

Yot Navalitloha - specialist neurosurgeon, having high qualification. Priority treatment radiosurgery, in which he was educated in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Doctor  Suvatchay Pornratanarangsi Suvatchay Pornratanarangsi

He specializes in the treatment of pathologies of the cardiovascular system and is the author of many publications.

Doctor  Vadchara Pumpradit Vadchara Pumpradit

It is engaged in the treatment of infectious diseases and internal.

Doctor  Nopadol Saropala Nopadol Saropala

Specializing in the field of gynecology, takes birth

About clinic Bumrungrad International Hospital
Clinic reviews
When we moved to Bangkok, my husband and I decided to have a baby, because for long time It been postponed for various reasons. But I have a couple of months turned 37, and wait then it was risky. After a year of attempts, I was unable to get pregnant. Doctor at International hospital of Bumrungrad, examined me, said it was because of abortion, made by me at an early age. Besides, my husband has found a weak sperm motility and poor quality of sperm. After prolonged treatment, we decided to try IVF at this center. After several attempts, replanting embryo, we got pregnant! It was such an indescribable feeling of happiness! And we got twins! Throughout the pregnancy we observed and in the end, I gave childbirth to perfectly healthy babies at 38 weeks. One 2350 gram, other - 2230 grams. All we have now is good! We are fully satisfied with this hospital.
I have an orthopedic problem - arthrosis, arthritis, osteoporosis. Houses offer joint replacement. Decided to go to the clinic of Bumrungrad. The orthopedic surgeon, after examining me and all of my tests and x-rays, said to rush into surgery until you do not need to try to undergo intensive therapy. If the result isn't, then think about surgery. I was very excited. The course of treatment passed, I became significantly better. The operation is delayed by an experienced doctor and clinic staff.
What can I say, I am a mother four times, three of which I gave childbirth in the clinic(once in water). The staff is very friendly, understanding of my "Russian mats" at the time of childbirth, no attention is not particularly drawn. In short, the childbirth took place on "HURRAH". So did the plastic there after 2 families, as at 34, to freshen up difficult. Had boob job, bum, belly. Stretch mark is gone!
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