Hyperhidrosis treatment in Thailand
3,236 patients are sent for treatment

Hyperhidrosis treatment in Thailand

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According to official statistics, hyperhidrosis is observed at 78 million people, but this figure is unlikely to correspond to reality. Research many medical research institutes the she down at least 3 times, and this is serious and very dangerous.

Hyperhidrosis is when the palm is constantly cold and wet. Or when sweat stains in all clothes. Even cry! Giperpotlivost feet too annoying with her "owners", forcing to change socks and even shoes several times during the day.

Hyperhidrosis doctors call excessive sweating. Treatment depends on the cause and localization of hyperbolicity. Use special antiperspirants, Botox injections and Dysport in the palms and soles. If the disease is secondary, then treating the primary disease. Are also surgery for clipping of the sympathetic trunk.

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Good clinic, modern, equipped with the latest technology. I have psoriasis, to avoid the recurrence of the disease I'm periodically pass here the hemocorrection with Olshansky. He's a highly decorated doctor, trust him, due to his appointments I became to feel much better .
Three months ago, I did in IMED HOSPITALES - LEVANTE hair transplant surgery. For the first time traveled abroad for treatment, worried. It turned out that even there are Russian-speaking staff. And, moreover, in my situation, and so it is clear what to do. The quality is at the level of: making seamless method of grafts transplanted lot. What more can I say? I gather up on this operation for 4 months at my low selary. Very satisfied.
A year ago my skin there are some seals that sometimes itched, I scratched them, they became inflamed. The dermatologist did some scrapings, research, but never said what it is. Meanwhile, these plaques became more and more. I tried to smear them by different means, but little improvement is noticed. Only from hormonal ointments, they briefly disappeared. I began to think about how to consult any doctor abroad. I've heard good things about Israeli medicine, and first considered the possibility to go there. Collected information on the forums, a lot of specialists, but I needed it a dermatologist, the best. Otherwise, what sense at all to go somewhere. As a result of all my searching, I opted for Roy Tail.  Already at the first consultation Professor Tail suggested the diagnosis which was confirmed by the survey. I have psoriasis, which proceeded in an atypical form. I was treated by the method of Professor Tail. Unfortunately, completely to get rid of my skin I could not, but they bother me become less, not so itchy. And most importantly, that they are not as noticeable.
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