Mastitis treatment in Thailand
3,218 patients are sent for treatment

Mastitis treatment in Thailand

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Mastitis an inflammatory process in the tissues of the breast. There was a strong arching pain in the chest, swelling, thickening and reddening of the skin glands, a sharp rise in body temperature, chills. Mastitis is diagnosed by visual inspection by a breast, it is also possible to conduct a breast ultrasound. The disease can lead to the formation of abscess, abscess, cellulitis, necrosis in the mammary gland, the development of sepsis and even death. In the case of microbial contamination of milk, breast-feeding will have to stop. In the long term can cause deformation of the breast, increases the risk of mastitis and breast cancer. recommends only those doctors and technology, which are recognized as best in the world.

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Amid putrid mastitis I was brought to the Clinic of Eichsfeld. I have a week as was just stagnation with cones, and I constantly was decanted, and the baby the breast as often as possible gave, but still it is not all the bumps were resorbed. After this morning, I woke up just not alive nor dead husband immediately called for help and they took me to the clinic. Put from the surgery. I was operated on the Uwe SCHOTT. He was able to save my breast, for which he thanks!
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