Bronchial asthma in adults treatment in Thailand
3,218 patients are sent for treatment

Bronchial asthma in adults treatment in Thailand

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asthma in adults, according to statistics, found in 10% of the population. Over the past 25 years the incidence has doubled. With regard to the age at which the first signs of asthma: from 20 to 40 years - 17% of all who began to ache, from 40 to 50 years - 10%, older 60 years - 2%. And 5% of the disease in the world is asthma.

What is important in asthma? Not to miss the beginning of it! Adults often don't pay attention to the small cough or choking, shortness of breath, blamed it on the heat in the room. But if the asthma attacks are recurrent, you should immediately run to the pulmonologist.

asthma is an inflammatory disease of the immune-allergic Genesis. The characteristic symptom is choking on the exhale. Diagnostics: spirography, pneumotachography, peakflowmetry. Treatment is preferable to aerosol corticosteroids. recommends that doctors and technology are recognized as the best in the world.

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I was treated at the clinic Ichilov 2 years ago about pulmonary fibrosis and developed on the background of respiratory failure. Still don't know what disease it is, and where she took me. I only know that in Russia the treatment did not help, and in the medical center Ichilov – helped.
Typing this review, I'm having contoversial feelings with Sheba. The doctors were brilliant and really helped me with treatment. We've arrvived to Tel-Aviv together with my wife tryaing to fix bronchical asthma.But the service... Actually it can't be even called service, it's an attitude. We've successfully completed two phases of treatment and agreed that they will send us the medicine to Ukraine.About two weeks ago we've contacted the consultant and asked to send us the medicine. After one week of waiting (!) they sent us the response, that we have to provide all information about our credit card, including CVV to do that and there is no any way to pay for medicine. Even when we said that such operation contradicts all possible financial secure operational standarts, they said that send us or come to Israel for it.We dicided to contact the international consultant, that organized our visit to Sheba, his name is Feliks Goldbert. We started discussion trying to find solution, but Feliks replied pay or shut up. Then we've said that it's not the correct approach, that we're the clients, why are you talking with us in such a way. CVV is a secret information and I can't give this info to third parties. I started talking about service , then, in a few words, Feliks said that he would never deal with my country and its service, Ukraine and then droped the call.I was really suprised by his reaction. I've typed him that i do not undestand why he mentioned the Ukraine trying to find logical explanation. Then he said that as I'm from Ukraine, you shouldn't even talk about service, even if you pay. So, he treated us a thirs sort persons and third sort country. It was realy awfull, the most neutral word I can name it is NONPROFESSIONALISM.
After moving to St. Petersburg, I have no reason, no reason began bronchial asthma. Then the doctor has determined that it is from fungal spores, it is known that in the Northern capital is very high humidity. Learning portal the Docklands about good clinic for treatment of my disease, I immediately set out to visit it! Arriving at the Hospital of Kloster Grafschaft GmbH, I came back to the outpatient clinic to Friedrich Rifelman. Now I received treatment and I really hope the seizures stop. And St. Petersburg will have to move as the climate of this city does not suit me.
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