Heart disease treatment in Austria
137 patients are sent for treatment

Heart disease treatment in Austria

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Global statistics showed that the heart defects occur in such "proportions": 1000 births in the world (when the baby is born alive), there is one with this pathology. Well the fact that congenital, operated on time, allow 97% of the children not just survive, but thrive.

once a diagnosis of "congenital heart defect" sounded almost like a death sentence, but today the surgeons, healing heart, have learned to skillfully deliver their young patients from suffering.

heart disease - a disease in which disrupted the anatomical structure of some part of the heart. Defects are divided into congenital and acquired. The latter appear after the transferred diseases: syphilis, rheumatism, ischemic heart disease, hypertension. Practiced conservative or operative treatment: endovascular surgery, valve replacement, etc.

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Was truly impressed by the technological progress in Spain. CRM clinics allows you to see the results of my surveys from anywhere in the world. now for the re-examination I don't need to go to Spain, even though I love Barcelona. I being in India can come to the doctor, to show him over the Internet my story and to get his conclusion.
My childhood was heart problems (intermittent pain). At first it was blamed on puberty, vegetative-vascular dystonia, but by 30 I began to feel that it is time for all age-related changes to end. Only in the clinic “Vivantes” I was able to make a diagnosis. Maybe it's the equipment, which is not in Russia, may be, in respect of doctors. Now I get treated in Germany, and finally start to forget about “heart” problems.
At 8 months pregnant I was diagnosed hypertension, the analysis showed protein in the urine, suffered from terrible swelling and was generally kind of depressed. The doctor said that it's really dangerous and can lead to eclampsia. We the entire family decided to consult a good gynecologist. Advised to me by a colleague at work Werner Mendling from Germany. He gave childbirth to her daughter. Though the treatment at the clinic Wuppertal was not cheap, but we still decided to apply it here, because they were afraid for my health and the health of the child. Now I'm almost 37 week and all is well! Waiting for the childbirth. Plan to have it here.
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