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The medical consultant will tell about all aspects of treatment
10 November 2016

What is the "schtick" Doclandmed?

  • We work closely with 267 foreign clinics. Personally acquainted with each of their special representative .
  • We act quickly. Our team includes of 7 medical consultants, which allows you to not waste time on discussion and approval, as often happens in large companies, and make the decision as quickly as possible.
  • We work on transparent schemes: you know, for what and how much to pay. When calculating the cost of treatment, we will write to you each item of your expenses.
  • Doclandmed does not take margin from the client, receiving a standard Agency Commission from the clinic at a rate of 10-15%.

What are the advantages to appeal to You and not directly to the medical center?

The clinic will not be able to offer you a full range of opportunities that may exist in the market. We will help you choose the best treatment according to your wishes, provide you with support and provide a comfortable standard of accommodation.

What is the procedure for the organization of trips for treatment abroad?

  • Filing of documents;
  • Formation of treatment chart;
  • Arrangement of dates, preparation of visas and required documents;
  • Departure the patient.

Where is better to go for examination and treatment in Israel or Germany?

It all depends on the individual case.

In Germany,as in Israel, you can get highly qualified medical help. Each country has its advantages and disadvantages. Israel is comfortable for patients because there is no need to apply for a visa. In Germany, qualified medical assistance is distributed evenly throughout. Departments of the University clinics of any region are headed by the best professionals in the direction, who deserved their rank by the practical and scientific activities.

Unlike Germany, Israel is a small country and here for each specific case we opt the best specialist or clinic. Do not forget that being on treatment in Israel, you can visit religious shrines and to bathe in the Red, Dead and Mediterranean seas.

In Germany, as in Israel you need the services of a translator (unless you speak German or Hebrew). It should be noted that if you decide to undergo diagnosis or treatment in Israel, the cost of maintenance by a qualified curator - interpreter is included to the cost of medical services. To all medical institutions you will be accompanied by a representative of the clinic at no extra charge.

Will anybody meet us at the airport?

At the airport you will be met by our representative with a sign

How to choose a hospital?

  • Act according to the following schedule:
  • Determine the direction;
  • Examine proposals clinics;
  • Write to the clinic which is suitable to you in terms of cost and range of services;
  • Select the best offer.

If you have difficulties, please contact us.

Can attendant to go with the patient?

Yes, he can. If You chose Israel, then no further documents are not necessary, and if Germany, for the attendant is also issued medical visa. In case of hospital stay of the patient, possible accommodation for an attendant in the ward together with the patient (for single occupancy).

What are the benefits of treatment in foreign hospitals?

  • Treatment of disease, which has extensive positive experience abroad (Oncology, cardiology, neurosurgery, infertility, orthopedics);
  • The lack in your clinics sufficient experience in the treatment of specific diseases (some cancers);
  • Long time standby operation/manipulation in your country.
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