Diagnosis, General examination in Austria
137 patients are sent for treatment

Diagnosis, General examination in Austria

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Diagnosis, General examination allows to reveal diseases at early stages when they can be easily cured. Early diagnosis, according to statistics accounts for 80% of healing. As an example, breast cancer successfully healed in 95% of cases with early diagnosis. The same applies to most deadly diseases.

Why do we delay the visit to the doctor? Not even to the dentist, and to the ordinary practitioner, which hurt, then do not. It's human nature. There is, of course, concerned citizens held an annual General survey. But they are very few. But diagnosis of ailments is now at such a level that it is quick, painless and very informative.

a Comprehensive diagnosis of the whole human organism is carried out for 1-2 days and includes the following activities: visits to the therapist, measuring blood pressure and other physical parameters, ECG, spirometry, urinalysis and blood, MRI and visits to specialists.

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I went to Poland with his mother, she has a “bouquet” of heart disease. In Russia the doctors all blamed on age and, in my opinion, came to the treatment is very superficial. In the cardiology clinic  Medicover, which is headed by Professor Kopacz, mom had a very thorough examination clarified the diagnosis, and finally, he prescribed a medication that really helps.
I don't have any special health problems, do not go to the hospitals, do not like, and have no time, but the idea that it would be nice to pass some inspection, comes to me by the times. When I heard from friends is that you can come to Israel, good clinic in which in one day will do a bunch of research, was very interested. Is not so expensive, it can be finished quickly, at a high level, in addition to take a little vacation — to combine the examination with the rest of the sea. So I got in Rabin medical center. Fortunately, nothing bad I have not found, so we can continue to live and be happy.
I really liked that in the Herzliya medical center for me has secured a special curator, where it is called "case Manager". Even before arrival I sent all my tests and papers, I drew up a plan of examination and treatment. Each visit to the clinic, the curator went with me to the consultation, translated what the doctors said, explained the survey results. This approach makes the treatment abroad a lot easier.
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