Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract treatment in Austria
138 patients are sent for treatment

Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract treatment in Austria

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  • esophagus
  • stomach
  • bowel

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Most common functional disease of the esophagus

- gastroesophageal reflux disease.

the Main symptom – heartburn.

Consequences of reflux of stomach contents into the esophagus can be

All this is due to the fact that the contents of the esophagus can get into the bronchial tree.

Most common functional disorder of the stomach

syndrome non-ulcer dyspepsia.


  • pain in the epigastric region
  • discomfort in the epigastric region.

Most common functional bowel disorder

- irritable bowel syndrome.


  • abdominal pain
  • flatulence, rumbling,
  • constipation, diarrhea, alternating them.
I never thought that I would come to the Canary Islands to be treated, always thought that this place is exclusively for guests. However, it turned out that for about a hundred years here is a multi-disciplinary medical center. I took a survey about abdominal pain. All done quickly and efficiently, found gastritis, disorders of the liver, prescribe treatment, which really helped.
I suffered acute pancreatitis, which turned into chronic, since then, regularly experience discomfort, pain. My doctor in Russia said that as a result of frequent exacerbations of healthy tissue in the pancreas is getting smaller, it is replaced by connective tissue, and advised me to think about surgery. Hans-Peter Lemmensinstituut I went on the recommendation of friends who turned to him. Was very pleased with the treatment from this doctor.
This was my gift to myself — to go to the hospital San Roque Maspalomas Hospital in the Department of aesthetic medicine, to do them, to rest in the Canary Islands and return a different person. I was looking for such a place — situated in a beautiful location and offering a range of services for beauty of face and body. I was ready for surgery, but they are not required. Numerous hardware techniques, quality cosmetics, and no knife did to me a miracle. Peels and lifting using ultrasound and laser rejuvenated me for 10 years, masks have helped to sustain this effect. Body I also studied very actively. Manual and hardware massage helped me lose weight, tighten the skin, get rid of cellulite. In the future, after 5 years I still plan to return to do a facelift, maybe some more correction. It will return to the hospital San Roque Maspalomas Hospital, because here I am very comfortable and I really trust each of the experts.
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