IVF in various conditions in Austria
138 patients are sent for treatment

IVF in various conditions in Austria

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Statistics of IVF in various indications in different countries is radically different. Moreover, the poor results of this type of fertilization is deliberately hidden. Successful results abound. In Russia they equal 24%, in the United States: 36 - 39%, and South Korea, and Spain, more than 47%.

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the Inability to conceive a child for many couples - just a tragedy. Yes, and every woman, even without being married, in the diagnosis ""infertility"" panics. Many develop an inferiority complex. But today this problem is successfully solved in IVF centers.

ECO is the conception of a child outside mother's body. In vitro fertilization just is translated as the fusion of egg and sperm not in the female body, and in special containers, which supports the conditions for the initial development of the embryo. He goes, ""transplanted"" in a woman's uterus and develops according to the laws of nature.

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When we moved to Bangkok, my husband and I decided to have a baby, because for long time It been postponed for various reasons. But I have a couple of months turned 37, and wait then it was risky. After a year of attempts, I was unable to get pregnant. Doctor at International hospital of Bumrungrad, examined me, said it was because of abortion, made by me at an early age. Besides, my husband has found a weak sperm motility and poor quality of sperm. After prolonged treatment, we decided to try IVF at this center. After several attempts, replanting embryo, we got pregnant! It was such an indescribable feeling of happiness! And we got twins! Throughout the pregnancy we observed and in the end, I gave childbirth to perfectly healthy babies at 38 weeks. One 2350 gram, other - 2230 grams. All we have now is good! We are fully satisfied with this hospital.
Arrived with my husband in Alicante yesterday, and today booked an appointment at the doctor's, and then went for a walk. How beautiful it is here! It is warm, everything is blooming, fragrant, oleanders, palm trees, sea, beach. And so evening fell and the city became even more miraculous in light of the multi-colored lights. If not in such places, dreams come true, where, tell me? If a miracle happens here, then in September I'm going to have a daughter who I will call Carmen.
My husband chose Spain for IVF after careful monitoring of Internet resources. The most positive results as feedback about the good quality of service is found about the Spanish clinics. The Instituto Bernabeu has been mentioned most frequently. IVF we would have done without donor oocytes, with a minimum of analyses (four times less than we do). Embryo caught on immediately. All clear, professional and business-like. And indeed a miracle happened! Soon we will be mom and dad.
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