Breast treatment in Austria
137 patients are sent for treatment

Breast treatment in Austria

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Breast – abnormal fibrocystic changes in the breast tissue, characterized by the appearance of dense, often painful fine-grained formations. Concerned about the swelling and induration, pain in the breast, more pronounced before menstruation, serous, occasionally bloody discharge from the nipple.

Has a tendency to relapse, a factor cancer risk. Diagnosis of mastitis requires mammography, breast ultrasound, if necessary - diaphanoscope, breast MRI, pneumocystography, needle biopsy.

identification of risk of transformation to malignant breast disease is surgical removal of the node. recommends only those doctors and technology, which are recognized as best in the world.

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Amid putrid mastitis I was brought to the Clinic of Eichsfeld. I have a week as was just stagnation with cones, and I constantly was decanted, and the baby the breast as often as possible gave, but still it is not all the bumps were resorbed. After this morning, I woke up just not alive nor dead husband immediately called for help and they took me to the clinic. Put from the surgery. I was operated on the Uwe SCHOTT. He was able to save my breast, for which he thanks!
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