Epilepsy treatment in Austria
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Epilepsy treatment in Austria

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epilepsy is a neurological disorder in which there is abnormal electrical activity in the brain, resulting in loss of consciousness, muscle spasms, seizures and loss of control. Epilepsy is dangerous for adults because severe seizures can cause brain damage, and the attack are as threatening to human life. Epilepsy often causes developmental delays in children, but the diagnosis of epilepsy is not a sentence for life. In the modern world, with high technological capacity of medicine to determine the focus of epileptic activity in the brain is a completely solvable problem for medical equipment, but the main task is to eliminate the source of epileptic seizures in the brain and the liberation of man from suffering.

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the Causes of epilepsy Consequences of neuroinfections; head injury; congenital anomalies of brain structures, a hereditary disease; state after cerebral haemorrhage and stroke; brain tumors, other brain damage. Hidden epilepsy Not always epilepsy manifests as seizures, severe disease can indicate other symptoms: fainting (temporary loss of consciousness), dizziness, and memory loss; periodic loss of concentration, teeth grinding, temporary inability to speak. Symptoms of epilepsy in young children: "fading" described as "a frozen mask on her face"; short sudden immobility; loss of consciousness, involuntary muscle contraction involuntary urination, defecation. Diagnosis of epilepsy abroad Neurosurgery has gained tremendous experience in the treatment of epilepsy using the technology of the CyberKnife and other methods associated with minimal intervention. Proper diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy begins with a consultation with an experienced epileptology. Electroencephalography (EEG) is a simple, safe, painless and effective method of recording electrical activity of brain cells. EEG is generally used for diagnosis in patients with suspected epilepsy and to determine the type of epilepsy that is necessary for further use of diagnostic procedures. Feature of EEG abroad is the opportunity to study for a long time through the use of modern portable devices. Video EEG monitoring is conducted on the principle of normal EEG, only for a long time (several hours), including the registration of EEG during sleep. During the study conducted in sync with the encephalography video surveillance of the physical activity of the patient. This test will be more accurate than traditional EEG, the method more opportunity to register the attack and to analyze the forms of epileptic activity. Magnetic resonance imaging is also used for the diagnosis, especially if the epilepsy is the result of organic lesions of brain structures, resulting in the formation of scar tissue in the brain after infection or brain injury. Compared to CT, MRI has advantages in the diagnosis of epilepsy. But in each case the need for an MRI or CT scan is determined individually. PAT (positrone emission tomography) in epilepsy allows you to accurately identify the foci of occurrence of wrong impulses (epileptic activity) in the brain, even in the period of remission (time between attacks of epilepsy). To obtain a computerized image of brain structures and detection of focal changes are different drugs, but most commonly used radiopharmaceuticals with glucose. As a result, PET scanning can accurately determine the localization of disorders of the brain and solve the question about the possibility of surgery (radiosurgery) treatment of epilepsy. "WADA test". Most epilepsy patients with insufficient results of conservative therapy are "WADA test" is named after the Japanese physician, first completing this study. A WADA test is one of the most important procedures necessary for accurate planning of surgical treatment of epilepsy. Using a test in the carotid artery is found the drug and assessment of risk of irreversible violation of the functions of speech and memory in neurosurgical treatment. In Russia, the "WADA test" is almost never used because of the complexity of the study and the lack of necessary preparations for the test. In our recommended clinics, the results of the "WADA test" is evaluated together with other studies for more precise planning of surgical treatment. Epilepsy treatment abroad Experts suggest that the best way of dealing with epilepsy is early detection of disease and treatment that helps prevent further deterioration of brain function and return patients to a good quality of life. To treat most patients require only medication to prevent seizures and restoring normal electrical activity of the brain. Conservative treatment with modern medicines, is necessarily performed under control of blood and drugs are appointed individually, in accordance with their evaluation in each patient. This tactic requires a longer time and multiple visits to the doctor. The choice of medication is influenced by many factors. For one patient can be given medication of valproic acid, but in the other case the drug may be contraindicated, and other drugs recommended from more than 20 drugs. For this reason, we recommend that you first conduct a thorough examination and accurate determination of the forms of epilepsy, and identifying all causes of the disease. In severe forms of epilepsy, when conservative treatment fails, may need surgical treatment. The severity of epilepsy indicate: high frequency of seizures (attacks); severe attacks (quick loss of consciousness, falls, night seizures or epilepsy); developmental delay in children; the lack of effect of medicines. Surgery and radiosurgery of epilepsy In some cases, can be used Gamma knife to destroy the lesion causing the epilepsy. For the treatment of epilepsy in children with an inoperable form in the leading abroad applies keto diet, vagus nerve stimulation and hormonal treatment. DocLand recommends only the best foreign of neurology-epileptology and neurosurgeons from around the world, applying the latest methods of successful treatment of epilepsy.

Hallo, I was only 17 and was diagnosed with Meningitis/TB. It was many years ago but I recall that I was well taken care of for the 3 months I was hospitalized in the Uni Clinic. I was born and raised in Burgbernheim, which is about 45 minutes from Wuerzburg, my family could only visit me on Weekends. However I remember that I was well taken care of by the staff. I spend a little over 3 months there and although I have traumatic memories about the illness I have fond memories of the staff. We, me and some other kids, used to take the tunnel to the Cafeteria
Anita Mueller
The diagnosis of epilepsy, was put to me half a year ago. It all started with the fact that I have often twitch the eyelids and dizzy. But I chalked it up to chronic fatigue from a stressful job. But I continued working because I wanted to finalize before retirement. But the frequent failures in some strange state, almost brought up the fact that in our factory, I almost ruined expensive equipment. I had good insurance from our company (in connection with the work on the most dangerous trade) and I decided to consult a neurologist. The neurologist did not really say, prescribed a sedative and sent home. After a couple of months I started having these seizures. My job was dangerous! And my Director with whom I had a good relationship, literally forced me to apply to the Hadassah Medical center. He was treated there once. Insurance would almost cover the treatment. Now I am receiving treatment from Dr. Reches. The seizures became less, dizziness is not so often I have come, and in general, began to feel better. And in general, having been here a few months, I have seen so successfully treated people who came here without any hope. But here they were able to help me, what was very refreshing!
My little niece was treated in the division of EEG studies and epilepsy of the Israeli Assuta hospital, which is headed by Professor Neufeld, Miri. I do not want to go into details of the treatment process, as we were all very upset by the illness of the little Sarah, but thanks God and doctors – neurologists of the clinic, our baby recovered.
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