Hernia of the spine treatment in Austria
137 patients are sent for treatment

Hernia of the spine treatment in Austria

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Hernia of the spine is present in one form or another two billion people of the Earth. But the trouble is hidden in such a "surprising fact": only 7 - 10% of patients know about it! Others do not realize that they have it and with age can become a very serious problem.

If the hernia of the spine happened at the top of his division, it will disturb, respectively, a neck pain, you may feel dizzy or start getting a ton of headaches and pressure surges. Thoracic hernias are considered rare, but the lumbar and sacral are the most common.

Herniated spine pathology, in which the annular fibers of the intervertebral disc are torn, and the nucleus bulges. Drug therapy hernia involves the use of NSAIDs, analgesics and muscle relaxants. Manual methods like massage, applied with great caution. In severe cases, saved only by surgery.

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Good evening, my name is Kayrat, i'm from Kyrgyzstan(Central Asia ), and i have charcot marie tooth disease. I wonder to know, if there is any treatment or any chance to win this disease? Is it possible?
Too much bureaucracy - less care for patients.This is review is specifically addressed to international services and not doctors at Heidelberg.A friend of mine recommended to consult with Heidelberg Hospital about surgery and possible treatment. I inquired their international services more than two weeks ago and instead of referring my request to the appropriate doctor for the consultation they drowned my request in bureaucratic procedures asking for translations irrelevant documents.I was able to get second opinion for clinics in Israel and the US in less than two days and talked to doctors directly there. So if you are an international patient I don’t recommend consulting with Heidelberg - you would lose precious time and efforts.
A year ago I had an accident. The result has received a severe spinal injury. In the hospital said that it is necessary to put the pins, but I completely crumbled vertebra. We are talking about the fact that it is necessary to put a titanium implant, but since it's the spine, I was "advised" that if you want to go it is better to do it in foreign clinics. Clinic of Bonn - this is the option when the price of a treatment is fully justified. I'm still going through rehabilitation. But I understand that to apply to this clinic was the right decision.
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