Cataract treatment in Austria
137 patients are sent for treatment

Cataract treatment in Austria

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Cataract is quite severe "visual symptoms" in recent years "made" the blind 23 759 070 people worldwide.

In the recent past, a cataract was called the scourge of ophthalmology, she began to cope after the invention of the artificial lens. At the end of last century, such operations have already been done, and the people regained their lost vision. Today, technology of the operation and methods of production of crystals is so improved that people in the elderly after surgery see perfectly.

Cataract - eye disease is accompanied by clouding of the lens (the main "lens" of the eye) or even to complete blindness. Saves only the replacement of the crystalline lens by surgery - diseased organ is replaced with an artificial, which can last up to 60 years. recommends that doctors and technology are recognized as the best in the world.

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Since childhood I was tormented by this problem as watery eyes eyes. Eyes were watering from the bright light, from the sun, from snow, from wind... Makeup in General in the winter it was impossible to do everything flowed. In Russia, the doctors told me that this is the usual sensitivity of the eye and there's nothing you can do. But that all changed after treatment in the clinic Hangil. Ophthalmologists not only delivered me from this disease, but also gave effective recommendations for prevention of this disease.
I want to Express my gratitude to the hospital staff and your doctor for a successful operation for cataract treatment. Already having lost all hope, and barely surviving several operations on eyes (can not tolerate anesthesia), I began to look for a special clinic on the Internet. I read an article about the dynasty of the fernández-VEGA ophthalmological Institute in which every year several thousand patients are treated the same disease that I have. Selling a house in Odintsovo (Moscow oblast), I'm using the portal block, was able to successfully cure cataracts!
I want to share my knowledge about medical tourism. I treated my angle-closure glaucoma in a medical clinic "Hengill" in Seoul. Beautiful 10-storey building professional and courteous staff. For this trip I took only a passport, medical documents translated into English and an invitation from the hospital, with the indication of contacts.
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