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BPH in Austria

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Facelift (face lifting) today became extremely popular. In Moscow, for example, such operations carried out up to 12 – 15 thousand a month. Success is more than 85%. And the result of this beauty, you can enjoy up to 7 - 8 years. The effect of visual rejuvenation for 10 - 15 years.

In 40-50 years, the skin of the face and neck begins to rapidly sag and stretch. To stop this process, unfortunately, impossible, anti-aging pills has not been invented yet. But surgeons have developed excellent technique of lifting the face, and it allows women to preserve the beauty and in adulthood.

Facelift - surgical or endoscopic surgery, during which the doctor makes a circular skin tightening of the face and neck. Complications: pigmentation, bruising and swelling. Sometimes hair falls out, then recover on their own. Bruising and swelling are temporary, go away without treatment. Doclandmed.com recommends only those doctors and technology, which are recognized as best in the world.

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I did remammoplasty with Professor Cenk Sen. Did very bad. I had a difficult situation, I chose a surgeon for a long time and flew in from another country, but the surgeon was very frivolous about the operation. The clinic didn't bear any responsibility for the result.I don't recommend you this clinic!
Definitely not only me suffer from the problem of baldness , but for many bald are fit and gives some visual appeal! But with bald I look like some mushroom-ceps. So I have long wanted to start treatment, but never has time for it. I just turned 36 and I decided to please myself and still spend money on this procedure. Got to watch the prices and recommendations of satisfied patients. Watched a lot, but most often was flashed the name of Dr. Krieg from the University clinic of Cologne. Through the organizers of the treatment applied to the clinic, I did he not know the language, and it was scary. The clinic itself was very cosy and brand new! The doctor also did such a smart guy. In General are treated here right now and already have results. I am very happy!
In childhood unsuccessfully fought and I broke my nose and it fused not good, the result of which was an imbalance. It don't worry me before but as I got older decided to fix this. What was my surprise when at our clinic, I began to refuse, citing the fact that it is necessary to break the skull, which is fraught with bad consequences. Then asked to search the clinic abroad, and as it turned out, to find a doctor in a foreign clinic is no more difficult than finding a good hotel. Appealed to the clinic, Bangkok hospital Phuket, held a consultation, passed a bunch of tests and x-rays, prescribe and had surgery (and all that please note 2-3 days). In the end, I finally have a beautiful and straight nose. Clinic I recommend to all my friends.
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