Neurological rehabilitation after accidents, strokes in Austria
137 patients are sent for treatment

Neurological rehabilitation after accidents, strokes in Austria

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Neurological rehabilitation after an accident, stroke is a required element of treatment of injuries of the Central nervous system. It is typically used when violations motility, paralysis and other pathological conditions. By a correct selection of restorative manipulations, immobilized patients after a stroke or accident muscle appears static within 2 – 4 months of treatment. This is the first sign of recovery of motor skills.

You are faced with the problem of paralysis? Experience the difficulties of caring for immobile relative, but not tired to hope for a miracle recovery? So, it's time to find experts in neurological rehabilitation. They will help to fully or partially restore the disturbed functions of the body.

Neurological rehabilitation – a set of measures designed for the partial or full recovery of body functions that have been lost subsequently, damage to the nervous system.

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I came to Dr. Crowely when I was in a difficult situation with a double leg fracture, a torn meniscus but still the problems associated with the old injury, once treated it in some way. Really liked how the clinic everything is clearly organized, attitude to patients excellent. The level of medicine is much higher than ours, it can not be doubted. So go for treatment in Israel or not – I have no doubts. To return to the sport was for me at that time the only purpose in life. And I have reached.
I was a professional athlete, athletics, until 3 years ago was not seriously injured. Compound fracture of the leg with damage to the joint. In Russia, I once said that about any sport you can forget walking would have happened, and at some point actually sounded terrible word "amputation". Something I did, but I immediately decided to undergo treatment in Germany, and it was correct. When my leg was restored, the surgeon said that this is half the battle, the main thing – high-quality and full rehabilitation. He was recommended to me by one of the rehab centers the medical Park. I chose the located on lake Chiemsee, he specializing sports medicine. Now I do not remember all that I did there – and acupuncture, massage, exercises of all sorts, but the fact is that after a month I was playing Golf on the lawn, and soon started swimming. In medical Park's unique approach to recovery – each patient had his own program, which were corrected almost every day, depending on the state. I remember with horror the predictions of Russian doctors and want to say that you are heard in Russia, not in a hurry to believe and despair. 
I held orthopedic rehabilitation at the hospital "Piyavate" not long ago, and I have something to say about it .Well, firstly, for the money this is a great place with a knowledgeable staff.Looks very comfortable and cozy.Yes, to fly abroad is always scary, I too was afraid of it.But, I assure you, it was worth the money, because such services offered by this hospital, we have at home.
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