Bursitis treatment in Austria
137 patients are sent for treatment

Bursitis treatment in Austria

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Bursitis (inflammation of the joint capsule) inflammation in the mucous bags of the joints. Often found in young men and middle-aged (20-35 years), distributed among the total population 2-2,5%.

Bursitis affects mainly the elbow and shoulder joints. In women covers the knees, ankle and heel. Is acute and painful, is expressed in visible swelling of the tissues around the joint, severe pain, restriction of mobility. The exudate that accumulates in the articular capsule, may be purulent, serous, fibrous and hemorrhagic.

Bursitis in the acute period is subjected to conservative therapy. In severe purulent forms of the disease surgery is required.

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This incident happened to my close friend. He started having knee pain, and later developed disturbances in the movement, and as a result he almost didn't lost the ability to move! As a result of the survey it turned out that he already needs knee replacement. As his relatives the people that all issues are treated with special anxiety, they decided to look for a clinic that would be really good. They learned about the many clinics, but was able to impress them with his fame only clinic Northwest. And they were right! The clinic employs doctors of the highest category,the true experts in their field. We would like to highlight Christophe Ranger, that he performed the surgery. Now with a friend all right, he's glad he can walk again!
Addressed to Maciej Celaru with osteoarthritis and received a full examination a treatment plan. I made the most sparing use of modern techniques that are not used in Russia. I was advised to be treated in Poland many of his friends and they, too, were satisfied.
I have an orthopedic problem - arthrosis, arthritis, osteoporosis. Houses offer joint replacement. Decided to go to the clinic of Bumrungrad. The orthopedic surgeon, after examining me and all of my tests and x-rays, said to rush into surgery until you do not need to try to undergo intensive therapy. If the result isn't, then think about surgery. I was very excited. The course of treatment passed, I became significantly better. The operation is delayed by an experienced doctor and clinic staff.
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