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22 November 2016

Regardless of the climate, in every country from the poles to the equator people coughing and squelching noses exactly the same. Therefore, each nation has its own traditional methods of dealing with this scourge.


The people of this country are so fond of cocktails, even for medicinal purposes, use not a pure product but a mixture. Take the lemon juice, garlic cloves and eucalyptus leaves, add a drop of honey and pour it all boiling. A magic potion saves the Brazilians from a sore throat and runny nose.


Despite the fact that in Greece there is everything, the cold, the Greeks prefer to treat sage. Moreover, it is available fresh. A handful of leaves pour a liter of water, boil 15 minutes, strain and add honey. Drink three to five cups a day.


The Egyptians used black cumin oil. In the tea Cup of herbs add two teaspoons of the oil. Drink several cups a day or breathe over the broth, cover head with a towel.


The Italians use what they have in the country lemons, essential source of vitamin C, you can pluck straight from the tree, and not buy in the store. Hot fresh lemon juice to cure a cold, and is antipyretic.


Not only in this country but almost throughout all Asia miracle medicine consider ginger. A piece of ginger with a length of approximately one inch of peeled, crushed, pour boiling water and infuse for ten minutes. Drink the broth during the day, podsushivaya it with cane sugar. This drink is not only colds, but also strengthens the immune system as a whole.


Reliable weapon against the cold here is thyme. In this plant about 12 percent essential oil, the bulk of which consists of thymol - disinfectants. Even the genus name of plants "thymus" comes from the Latin "strength". A few sprouts of thyme Moroccans put in hot water and this decoction inhalation.


In this country are treated according to ancient recipes of the Incas. They brewed tea from the bark of the Lapacho tree. This drink not only has antibacterial and immunity strengthening properties, but also contains beneficial minerals: calcium, potassium, and iron. Liter of broth per day of a cold is gone.


Here cure sore throat and stuffy nose decoction of green lentils. Cup of beans are boiled in a liter of water and drink hot broth in small SIPS throughout the day.


To get rid of the common cold, the Finns inhalation of saline. And for General health promotion is considered the most useful contrast shower in the morning and regular trips to the sauna.


Croats believe in the healing properties of onions. Two small onions are boiled in a liter of water, and to make it tastier drink, add in the broth, honey and lemon juice.


The Swedes are struggling with a runny nose, a sharp but effective ways. Two tablespoons freshly grated horseradish dissolve in a liter of boiling water. Insist ten minutes, then cool and drink 1-2 times a day for half a Cup. Remaining broth stored in the refrigerator.


To release a stuffy nose, Russian anciently considered useful a good warm up. If you can not take a bath, you can just hover legs. For effect in hot water, add a little mustard. When the legs are warmed up so that the skin is red, you need to wipe them dry, wear wool socks and get under a warm blanket.

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