Addiction treatment in Bulgaria
425 patients are sent for treatment

Addiction treatment in Bulgaria

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According to the who, our planet's drug addiction was struck by 200 million people. This is 3% of the population. Of these, 47 million live in Latin America. Most young addicts today, on average, 12 years. The demand for heroin and cocaine since 2010, has been steadily falling, but the rising use of synthetic drugs and Smoking mixes.

And sometimes even a tablet addict! They are much more than the usual drug addicts. People use pain killers that are addictive. And become addicted... Moreover, deaths from a drug addiction, even more than from narcotic poisoning.

drug Addiction is a disease in which the patient can not live a full life without drugs. Chronic poisoning causes not only the destruction of internal organs and the cerebral activity. Feature of drug addiction is anosognosia, the denial of the disease. Prolonged treatment, specialist, psychiatrist-narcologist. recommends that doctors and technology are recognized as the best in the world.

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