Lymphedema treatment in Bulgaria
431 patients are sent for treatment

Lymphedema treatment in Bulgaria

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If you compare the world statistics of different sources, one of lymphedema was detected in 320 000 000 patients, while others claim that their 250 million, and so on. But the official figure who for 2013 is: 685 780 500 people! And that's the real threat is growing.

When we're outside in the summer we see the man with the "elephant" feet, moving with difficulty, rather, it is the patient with lymphedema. Fluid accumulates in the legs without the possibility to be distributed as a healthy person. The lymph swelling is on the hands (or limbs).

Lymphedema is a persistent swelling of the tissues due to the delay of lymph. The reasons for this condition may include: varicose veins, heart failure, post-operative lymph (after surgery removal of breast for cancer), kidney disease, trauma, burns. There are primary and secondary types of the disease. Treatment is symptomatic and surgical. recommends only those doctors and technology, which are recognized as best in the world.

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