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Seniority 39 years , Doctor of Medicine, Professor ☺ reviews $ Prices for treatments and diagnostics
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Yorg Bayer

Doctor of Medicine, Professor
61 years / Seniority 39 years
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Our company is the official representative of the doctor Yorg Bayer worldwide
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Head of the department of general therapy.

Treat diseases

Jörg Beyer - a A leading global hematology values. Professor receives patients at the hospital "Vivantes am Urban". Conducts treatment of hematological diseases, malignant neoplasms. Also involved in palliative care, ie relieves critically ill patients.

Jörg Bayer treats lung carcinoma, tumors of the mammary glands, digestive tract and urinary systems s. A doctor working in the field of radical and intensive cancer therapy. Using classic and new methods of chemotherapy, radiotherapy, immunotherapy.

A specialist making significant progress in the fight against various forms of lymphoma, severe types of anemia, leukemia, bleeding disorders, hematological infectious diseases.

He studied and trained in the best universities of the USA, Germany, England. Specialist internship took place in the hospitals of Marburg and Berlin. Professor teaches medicine, is a A leading specialist in the field of clinical trials of new treatments. His articles are published in prestigious medical media, in particular «Ann Oncol» and «J Wedge Oncol».

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