Hemangioma treatment in Greece
37 patients are sent for treatment

Hemangioma treatment in Greece

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due To the fact that the hemangioma is a collective term that includes quite a large and diverse number of benign tumors (vascular in nature), it is very difficult to give exact numbers of patients with this complex disease. According to contradictory data from around the world are exposed to from 0.9 to 17.7% of people in different countries.

Because hemangiomas are common in children, don't be scared if on the face or other parts of the body there are vascular growths. The tumor is benign, the work of the organs does not break, unless they germinate, for example, in the ear or in the liver.

Oncologists treat a hemangioma (tumor arising from blood vessels) irradiation. Also used a laser, diathermocoagulation, cryosurgery, hormonal therapy, sclerotherapy. If these methods do not eliminate the tumor, it is removed surgically.

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