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Adil Sadik

62 years / Seniority 41 years
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Apollo Hospital
Our company is the official representative of the doctor Adil Sadik worldwide
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He specializes in minimally invasive endoscopic cardiac surgery heart valve, a congenital cardiac surgery and robotic minimally invasive revascularization of the heart muscle.

Adil Sadiq is one of the best world-class cardiac surgeons. Dr. perhaps the only surgeon in South India, who studied and used in the practice of methods of robotic cardiac surgery.

it spent more than 4,500 heart surgery, thoracic surgery in 1500, 65 transplants of the heart and lungs. His practice covers the full range of cardio-vascular surgery with an emphasis on minimally invasive cardiac surgery. Applies endoscopic approaches, percutaneous transcatheter aortic valve implantation through the groin.

it was educated in India and later studied in the United States. He has mastered the classical surgery, as well as the latest methods of operations: robotic surgery, transcatheter prosthesis. In addition, he mastered pediatric heart surgery.

it has numerous publications in international journals. He is the author of three chapters in international textbooks on cardiac surgery. Today, working in several hospitals, including Apollo Hospital.

Clinic reviews
In Apollo hospital did heart surgery to my husband. In Russia, we passed a bunch of surveys, we were scared that the operation is very serious, you need to be ready for anything including death. As a result, we pulled, afraid to take risks, and then decided to consult one of the foreign clinics. My friends had experience in Apollo, but with another problem, stomach ulcers. They were very pleased and strongly recommend it, even just to go for a checkup, moreover, it is not so expensive. I contacted with the clinic by the Internet, received a preliminary conclusion, by the way, encouraging and we went. So in Apollo I have never heard that my husband is terminally ill that the operation and its absence are equally dangerous. We have appointed examination, which is done very quickly, and then said that we need to operate. Yes, the operation difficult, but it is normal for this clinic, so nothing to worry about. And he said that if it went earlier, it would have been even easier. Then had mixed feelings: anger for the time spent, and relieved that it's not so bad really. Now it remains only the joy that everything went well. The operation took place without complications, it has been 2 years we are observed, but no problem.
I had a difficult surgery on the spinal cord in the Apollo hospital. I am very grateful to doctors for their attitude and professionalism, and to your supervisor for the absence of domestic problems. This clinic is really a European level, while the price of treatment is much lower.
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