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Dan Caspi

69 years / Seniority 47 years
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Doctor of the highest category, an expert rheumatologist. Head of rheumatological Ichilov Hospital Institute

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Dan Caspi - the head of the rheumatology department of Medical Center Ichilov-Sourasky in Israel. Professional interest in the country's A leading specialist focused on the study of the most complicated areas of medicine, namely rheumatology. During his medical practice Dr. continuously engaged in increasing hislevel of qualification, so that soon earned an excellent reputation and world fame. To carry out diagnostic procedures Dan Caspi uses only advanced and proven methodologies, and all the results of the diagnosis is confirmed by histological examination. it pays particular attention to the thorough study of the immune status of the patient, i.e. the search for autoantibodies that have a direct impact on the development of the disease.

Research Issues

1982-1984 Researcher, honored member of the department of Immunology, Royal School internship, Hammersmith hospital, London

Professional activities

  • 2003 Chapter rheumatological Institute of Ichilov hospital, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
  • 2000 Head of the day hospital in rheumatology department, Ichilov medical center - Sourasky
  • 1985 One of the founders of rheumatology specialization programs in Israel
  • 1979 specialist rheumatologist.
  • 1973 Start of medical activity

Membership Community / Participation in events

  • The Israeli Association of Rheumatology;.
  • The American Association of Rheumatology.

scientific activities

engaged in a large number of research projects relating to the study of synovial cells, the potential capillaroscopy techniques, the use of biological therapy in autoimmune diseases.

The professor has more than 140 scientific publications and more than 100 presentations at scientific conferences behind him.

One of the most prominent publications

Professor, rheumatologist doctor Dan Caspi said the assessment of reliable effectiveness "Adalimumab" drug on the basis of monoclonal antibodies to be used for the treatment of patients with psoriatic arthritis. In comparison with conventional cytostatic, new drug showed significant improvement of the connective tissue in patients. Long-term studies were conducted with the help of ultrasound. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25073614 Details of the treatment of arthritis in Israel https://docland.ru/israel/ortopedija/artrit

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Clinic reviews
I am very grateful to my husband who insisted to go to Israel and consult with Professor Dana Caspi. For many years I very successfully treated for arthritis  and already resigned to the fact that I will hurt forever. With the help of treatment, which has appointed Dan Caspi I was able if not to defeat the disease, then at least to bring it under control.
Daria M.
I am very worried about my arthritis, until my husband said it was time to get rid of it forever, and do not sit constantly on the pain pills. He has accumulated the required amount of money and took me to Ichilov to Israel Dan Caspi, the doctor examined and prescribed a medication that suits me, with all my tests. It's a miracle when a couple of weeks I became less and less to feel pain, and more and more to move the limbs. Also Kaspi gave me the drugs that you need to take a long period of time and special physical exertion of the developing limbs.
Tamara N.
Professor Kaspi I addressed a problem common osteoarthritis, which came to me with age, and manifested more palpably. For me individually was made the complex of therapeutic measures including medication, exercise, advice on diet. Dan Caspi said that if I'm going to do all this, and well-being does not improve, you will need to prepare for surgery to replace the joint. As the symptoms became markedly less pronounced, with the operation I'm not in a hurry.
Denis N.
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