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Daniel Brisko

56 years / Seniority 34 years
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Our company is the official representative of the doctor Daniel Brisko worldwide
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the most famous in Israel, ophthalmic surgery, including eye surgery oncology, 25 years of clinical time

Daniel Briscoe - beautiful Israeli ophthalmology and plastic surgery. it performs a complex operation for which are taken, not all experts, including resection of malignant eyelid tumors. Also, it performs surgery on the eyelids and eye orbits, lacrimal paths, corrects exophthalmia and other eye diseases. it copes with the correction and reconstruction of their sockets after fractures. Great plastic and ophthalmic surgery helped get rid of the tumor, to restore vision and bring the beauty of many patients from different countries.

it has given more than 25 years of medical practice, continuous learning new methods, research. it involved in the development of new operating methods, which conducted the medical school "Ribeiro". This ophthalmologist founded and headed okuloplasticheskim office in an Israeli hospital, "Meir". Also, the surgeon is engaged in teaching activities. Daniel Briscoe teaches residents, students from Greece and Turkey. The specialist has written numerous scientific papers and is a member of several prestigious medical associations.

Research Issues

1988-1989 - clinical research in glaucoma, Research Institute, Soroka Medical Center, Ben-Gurion University, Beer Sheva, Israel

<. h2> Professional activities
  • Head of the department of ophthalmology at the medical center "Ha-Emek" in Afula;
  • Lead Opthalmo plastic ManorEstheticCenter clinic

Exams / Accreditations

  • The Royal Ophthalmic Clinic (Manchester, England) - studied oculoplastics, surgery of the eyelids, lacrimal system and orbit, as well as the removal of cataracts
  • Baltimore University (Maryland. USA) - studied endoscopic eye surgery

Membership community / Participation in events

  • The director of the Israeli society Oculoplastic surgery;
  • Vice-President. European society & nbsp; ophthalmic Oncology (OOG);
  • A member of the committee of the international society of Ophthalmology (IOIS);
  • society of ophthalmologists of Israel;
  • The Irish College of ophthalmologists;
  • The European Association for the study of eyes and vision (EVER);
  • The Israeli Association for the study of eyes and vision (ISVER);
  • An international organization in the field of ophthalmic oncology

Scientific activities

  • Check the student's theses, medical school.
  • Center of Excellence, Oculoplastic Surgery course, medical school. Sackler.
  • Training of students, medical interns and medical professionals from Israel, the territories of Greece and Turkey.
  • A large number of published works.
  • He edited many professional international articles.
  • Organisation and participation in national and international conferences.
Price for diagnostic and manipulations
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Second Opinion (Second medical opinion)
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Skype consultation
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1800$ - 2700$
Reconstructive Plastic Surgery
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3500$ - 7000$
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250$ - 11500$
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1700$ - 5000$
Labioplasty (plasticity of the labia majora and labia minora)
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2500$ - 5000$
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200$ - 2500$
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