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Doron Shwarts

56 years / Seniority 34 years
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Our company is the official representative of the doctor Doron Shwarts worldwide
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Doron Schwartz treats kidney diseases and dialysis. Head of the Nephrology department.

Treat diseases

Professor Doron Schwartz - a specialist high profile for the treatment of many diseases nephrology

Education and Career

Professor Schwartz graduated from the Hebrew University. Trained by therapeutic diseases in the clinic Ichilov. He received a specialization in neforologichskih pathologies and hypertension in the United States of America in the University of San Diego. Today it headed department of neurology and dialysis in Clinical Center Ichilov


Doron Schwartz practices in the following nephrology areas:

  • general nephrology;
  • cancerous and benign tumors in nephrology.

in his paper it uses a variety of modern diagnostic techniques, including MRI, excretory urography, uroflowmetry, CT and others.

< h2> Scientific activities

it is a frequent participant in international conferences on nephrology. Systematically publish their achievements in the field of dialysis and nephrology solving problems in professional journals.

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