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Igal Madzhar

71 years / Seniority 49 years
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Our company is the official representative of the doctor Igal Madzhar worldwide
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A A leading Israeli operating urologist, a specialist world-class male infertility treatment. Author of modern techniques to preserve reproductive function in men, against cancer.

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Igal Madzhar - one of the best specialists in the treatment of male infertility. However, this is not the only medical field in which it works. This person is engaged in correcting penile curvature, holds circumcision. Yigal Majar has a competent modern medical care for men with urogenital illnesses. In particular, he holds no invasive treatment of urolithiasis, bladder ailments. it deals with the problems of conservation and treatment of the male reproductive system. In particular it helps to restore the potency and the ability to have children of men who have had cancer or a spinal cord injury.

it treats prostate disease using surgery or a medical method. He developed a few bold and effective techniques to restore male reproductive system and urogenital system functions.

it is an active participant in international scientific conferences. At the moment, this urologist works in a world-class hospital named Sheba is the operating surgeon. it also has a private practice in the clinic Assuta.

Research Issues

The author of many techniques to restore sexual function in men with organic impotence, oncology reproductive organs.

Professional activities

  • The head of the department for the restoration and preservation of reproductive function in men and potency, the operating surgeon, the head of the sperm bank, Medical Center. Chaim Sheba;.
  • Private Practice clinic Assuta, Herzliya Medical Center

Scientific activities

The author of more than 30 scientific publications and regularly speaks at conferences and symposiums.

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1300$ - 3000$
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Clinic reviews
I was treated in the urology Department of the hospital Chaim Sheba about BPH. The symptoms were pretty nasty, I was afraid that in Russia the doctors do not telling me something or do not notice, so I went to Israel. After a full observing I calmed down, really, except the adenoma nothing was founded and the doctors clinic Chaim Sheba treated adenoma very successfully.
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