Lupus erythematosus treatment in Austria
137 patients are sent for treatment

Lupus erythematosus treatment in Austria

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About the fact that lupus is an incurable disease that few know. The calculations in the world say that men are 10 times less likely to suffer this disease than women. The frequency peak incidence occurs in 15-45 years, but the disease does not spare neither children nor old people.

the Red glow on the face in the form of a butterfly should alert you and make you hurry to the dermatologist. Especially if that butterfly is accompanied by various rashes on all parts of the body, articular pathologies, seizures.

lupus erythematosus - autoimmune disease, systemic nature (SLE), its etiology is unclear. It is only known that immune cells suddenly start to destroy its own tissues, mistaking them for lethal foreign agents. Treatment - corticosteroids, NSAIDs, purification of plasma immunosuppressants. recommends that doctors and technology are recognized as the best in the world.

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I had a terrible allergic reaction, it is true to me that the doctors did not give a clear answer. I handed over all analyzes, but the specific allergen has not been identified. I went therapies and sat on an elimination diet - all to no avail! Just climbed on different forums and sites, looking for information about a similar problem and saw an advertisement Preventikum clinic. Went there for a diagnosis and I are allergic to seafood has been identified in just a few days. Now that I know I can not, I immediately felt better. However, I confess, I love the fish and cook it often, and Kiln also not disdain.
Children from 3 years tormented by atopic dermatitis. 60 percent of skin affected. Our doctors did not say anything specific, although many tests we passed. Decided to be surveyed in the appropriate place. Through the organizers of treatment went to the Hospital of Kloster Grafschaft GmbH to the doctor Friedrich Riffelmann, as it is a lot of years devoted to the study of such cases, as was ours. Now tests have been positive developments to determine the causes of the disease. I really hope that we are cured.
The doctor came with the unpleasant sensations in the heart area. Recently heart beating rapidly, as if in alarm. The doctor said that the size of the heart slightly enlarged and there is slight tachycardia, but not to worry. Also I had the deafness of tones and systolic murmur. It bothered me! After a while I with heart failure was taken to the hospital. Obkololi all, and so are not diagnosed. My mother was seriously worried. Was looking for a good clinic where it was great cardiologists. But found a clinic in Germany - Clinic Wuppertal. Signed a contract with them and came for treatment. Two days later, the problem was diagnosed myocarditis. Now I am being treated and is improving my condition. Thank you doctors of this clinic.
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