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Allergic reactions treatment in

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Allergic reactions are extremely spread around the world, especially in the last decade. 20% of the world population suffers from various kinds of allergies, 50% of them live in areas with a disgusting environment. Every 10 years the incidence of allergic reactions is increased twice and even 3 times, and changed its character and types of allergens.

Many people look forward to spring with joy, but most Allergy sufferers think with horror that soon will start the flowering of many plants, and then continuous sneezing, itchy nose and red eyes he has for a long time.

Allergic reactions are numerous symptoms of hypersensitivity of the immune system in all kinds of flying and another kind of substance. Treatment - desensitization, antihistamines, sprays and tablets, the elimination of the allergen from use. recommends that doctors and technology are recognized as the best in the world.

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