Bronchitis treatment in Austria
138 patients are sent for treatment

Bronchitis treatment in Austria

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Bronchitis, according to statistics, most often diagnosed in men under 40 years. 82% of cases happen in the autumn-winter period. Each year 5% of the population falls ill with this illness, which in 85-95% of cases is caused by viruses, the perpetrators of the remaining episodes are bacteria.

If you suddenly started to overcome low chest cough that is accompanied by high fever and poor General condition, it is likely that you "caught" an acute bronchitis. Diseases of the bronchi and lungs deals with the pulmonologist, immediately start therapy! Remember that running a bronchitis easily goes into a chronic form, and this is a heavy, poorly treatable disease.

Bronchitis is an inflammatory disease affecting the mucous membrane and sometimes the entire bronchial wall. Consequently, the broken process of holding air in the lungs. Treatment of severe forms in the pulmonology Department of the hospital, mild - on an outpatient basis. recommends that doctors and technology are recognized as the best in the world.

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