Emphysema treatment in Austria
138 patients are sent for treatment

Emphysema treatment in Austria

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Emphysema each year adds on the planet to 170 million people. 70 – 75% of them are workers of hazardous industries and smokers. Treated this disease is not easy and up to 7% of the patients she killed. And the percentage of complete healing of this lung disease is only 23-25%.

People, far from medicine, sometimes have no idea what is emphysema. And why burden yourself with unnecessary knowledge? And only when someone close to put such a diagnosis, ask questions and seek solutions to, what is this disease and how it threatens.

Under the emphysema refers to a pathological state of pulmonary fabric, hyperextension in the distal, namely, in the alveoli. The result is light like "swell", which is clearly seen on x-ray. Treatment consists of adequate therapy of the basic illness, because emphysema in the majority of the secondary.

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