Scabies treatment in Austria
138 patients are sent for treatment

Scabies treatment in Austria

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the General structure of the disease scabies is from 3.6 to 12.3%. However, the undercount of patients with this disease are so significant that these figures may not be 100% accurate. Many put the wrong diagnosis, someone is engaged in self-treatment, private practitioners also do not participate in statistical surveys.

the Itching hand or foot - well, who immediately run to the doctor? Had pimples, they can also be scratch and forget. Scabies is often mistaken for allergies. And only when all the body is covered with pimples, and the itching never goes away, people run to the dermatologist.

Scabies is a highly contagious parasitic skin disease. Is called cessationism zadnem - mite that lives and reproduces in the skin. There are excellent sprays and skin creams that heal the patient quickly. Obligatory processing of linen and garments. recommends only those doctors and technology, which are recognized as best in the world.

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