Syphilis treatment in Austria
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Syphilis treatment in Austria

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Syphilis is detected in 186 people per 100,000 population. Particularly affected by syphilis children - 25 pregnant women suffering from this disease, give birth to dead children, and 14% of children die shortly after birth.

Before the era of antibiotics syphilis treated with "hell" mixes on the basis of mercury. Their rubbed into the skin in the body the mercury is accumulated and the patient died from poisoning it with liquid metal. Terrible pictures late stages of the disease, where the face is disfigured by "botched" nose can be found on vintage illustrations.

Syphilis is a chronic systemic infection, is caused by a pale Treponema. Transmitted exclusively by sexual contact and from mother to fetus. Treatment consists in the use of macrolide antibiotics. recommends only those doctors and technology, which are recognized as best in the world.

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