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Был в Болгарии на лечении суставов. Бронировал санаторий через Докленд. Страну выбрал по отзывам в Интернете. Тут и отдохнуть можно, и полечиться. Всем доволен, боли уменьшились.
Виталий, 65 years
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I had a terrible allergic reaction, it is true to me that the doctors did not give a clear answer. I handed over all analyzes, but the specific allergen has not been identified. I went therapies and sat on an elimination diet - all to no avail! Just climbed on different forums and sites, looking for information about a similar problem and saw an advertisement Preventikum clinic. Went there for a diagnosis and I are allergic to seafood has been identified in just a few days. Now that I know I can not, I immediately felt better. However, I confess, I love the fish and cook it often, and Kiln also not disdain.
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