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Clinic offers complete diagnosis of the organism in combination with modern equipment in a relaxed atmosphere and in one place.
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Clinic Preventicum - Germany
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Doctor  Philip Khilgart Philip Khilgart
Heads the Department of gastroenterology, a specialist in internal medicine and gastroenterology.
Doctor  Ditrikh Baumgart Ditrikh Baumgart
A prominent cardiologist. The head of department of cardiology and preventive diagnostics.
About clinic Clinic Preventicum

Preventicum Clinic is well-equipped diagnostic and therapeutic center, one of the largest in Germany. The specialists of the clinic can diagnose complex and rare diseases at an early stage. Due to this, the centre has received the trust of patients from all over the world.

The Preventicum clinic staff are excellent specialists: internists, oncologists, radiologists, gastroenterologists, cardiologists and others. The center is managed by the GP and the cardiologist Professor Dietrich.

Preventicum Clinic equipped with the best diagnostic equipment, allowing to carry out a full survey for 3-4 hours. Here is the latest imaging, allowing for examinations of the head, neck, heart. The images have a high quality and provide "layering" the image. Unique technology angiosurf produces seamless images of all vessels of the body for 72 seconds.

Multidisciplinary medical center provides accurate and complete picture of health status in 4 hours. Clinic Preventicum brought diagnosis to a new level, making it possible to detect pathologies at the early stages without surgery or the use of harmful radiation.

Clinic reviews
Only now I realize that I had clear signs of Wilson disease, because I had a strong pigmentation and a yellow-brown ring around the edges of the cornea. Although what I wasn't credited, as I had severe liver damage and I treated it, although it was necessary to treat another! To diagnose the disease chose the first one Israeli hospital, but for the price couldn't master, because you need at least a few weeks to stay in the hospital. But then I was offered on the portal the Docklands clinic Preventicum in Germany, where I received first class help! Thank you very much!
I had a terrible allergic reaction, it is true to me that the doctors did not give a clear answer. I handed over all analyzes, but the specific allergen has not been identified. I went therapies and sat on an elimination diet - all to no avail! Just climbed on different forums and sites, looking for information about a similar problem and saw an advertisement Preventikum clinic. Went there for a diagnosis and I are allergic to seafood has been identified in just a few days. Now that I know I can not, I immediately felt better. However, I confess, I love the fish and cook it often, and Kiln also not disdain.
Two months ago I had multiple subcutaneous abscesses on the face and neck, and stomach. The localization was chaotic and I passed a lot of blood tests for various infections. My husband could not look at me, Yes, I myself knew that I was losing time, thereby exposing their health to serious test! We called a second cousin of her husband and knowing that I have such serious problems, said a colleague from his work only came with the treatment in the clinic Preventicum and can recommend. Gave us contacts doctor after some time and we after a short consultation, went to the center. Spent a week there, during which I checked everything inside and out. Turned out to be a strong hormonal failure, which I was able to heal properly selected drugs. Thanks brother, husband and center!
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