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Herzliya medical Center - a leading medical center in Israel, working since 1978. The experience of doctors working in the clinic are so high that the health center has a license of the Ministry of health of Israel to conduct all types of operations and complicated procedures, including a special license to conduct open-heart surgery, neurosurgical surgery and transplant of organs."
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Herzliya Medical Center - Israel
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About clinic Herzliya Medical Center

"Herzliya medical Center" was founded in 1978. It was the first among the private clinics in Israel, received a license to conduct all types of surgical operations. It is also the country's first medical institution that has passed the accreditation procedure in such American organizations as the "Blue Shield" "Blue Cross".

The Staff of "Herzliya medical Center" includes more than a thousand highly qualified specialists. Every year the doctors of the organization accept are about 8 000 patients from abroad, conduct more than 2,000 complex operations (including transplantation of organs, tissues).

In its work the staff of "Herzliya medical Center" use the most modern and effective medical technologies that help to cure cancer, diseases of the cardiovascular system, restore the function of musculoskeletal system, etc.

All branches of the Israeli private clinic "Herzliya medical Center" are equipped with high-tech equipment. Patients are placed in comfortable single and double rooms. There is also a VIP stay at the level of a five star hotel.

Clinic reviews
My history of treating with  Herzliya medical center has been already several years in which it has become my family. It all started with the fact that I had breast cancer. After some deliberation, I went for treatment in Israel, has chosen Herzliya. A huge number of stories of incorrect diagnosis and inadequate treatment of this sore in Russia and simultaneously the positive reviews about the Israeli medicine has convinced me that the question, in fact, is how I will survive or not. In Herzliya I was operated on almost immediately, as the tumor grew quickly and the time to wait was not. The chest had to be removed completely. Of course, the main thing was to overcome the disease, but the appearance bothered me even then. The doctor reassured me, said plastic — the procedure is quite simple. And joked that next time we come to do. And so it happened. A boob job I did in Herzliya and very happy with the result. Raanana medical center – this is a multidisciplinary clinic in which the patients come from different countries with a variety of diseases. I'm sure that in each direction there is skilled care, therefore, when suddenly – only here/
In Herzliya medical center I was doing IVF. Chose this clinic because of the large number of positive reviews and successful procedures. I was also lucky that the pregnancy occurred after the first procedure, went well.
I really liked that in the Herzliya medical center for me has secured a special curator, where it is called "case Manager". Even before arrival I sent all my tests and papers, I drew up a plan of examination and treatment. Each visit to the clinic, the curator went with me to the consultation, translated what the doctors said, explained the survey results. This approach makes the treatment abroad a lot easier.
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