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Scientific-medical center "Rambam" – a major state center of Israel, funded and controlled by the Israel Ministry of health, accredited by the IDF for treatment of the armed forces of the United States Navy and the United Nations located in the region.
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Rambam Medical Center - Israel
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Best doctors in selected clinic
Doctor  Eliyagu Gez Eliyagu Gez
Head of radiotherapy department, specializes in radiation therapy, urology and clinical oncology.
Doctor  Valeriya Semenisti Valeriya Semenisti
Specialist in Clinical Oncology. Conducts scientific work in the following areas: Lung cancer, cancer of the genitourinary system, cancer of the gastrointestinal tract
Doctor  Nisim Khaim Nisim Khaim
Head of the department of chemotherapy, specializes in chemotherapy and the treatment of solid cancers, including lymphoma.
Doctor  Avraam Kotten Avraam Kotten
A A leading Israeli oncologist for radiotherapy specialist. Director of Oncology at Rambam Medical Center.
Doctor  Riva Brik Riva Brik
A A leading specialist in children's diseases and child rheumatology.
About clinic Rambam Medical Center

the Israeli Rambam center is the largest multi-state medical facility established in the first half of the twentieth century. Funded and controlled by the Israel Ministry of health. Annually, the Rambam accepts more than 600 thousand patients. The medical center has 36 departments with 1000 beds, 45 medical units, 9 institutes, 6 laboratories and 30 administrative and maintenance departments.

High level doctors companies supported internships in famous American and European medical centers. Due to the high qualifications of doctors and the availability of the latest equipment, the Rambam was accredited local hospital of the Defense Army.

For a year the doctors of the Israeli clinic doing more than 50 thousand transactions. When performing surgery they use innovative robot "Da Vinci". Also in the institution treat extremity tremor and Parkinson's disease by acting on the body with ultrasound, is a minimally invasive treatment of the spine, the treatment of cancerous tumors of the photon-proton radiotherapy (IMRT).

Clinic reviews
Many thanks to the doctors at the Rambam hospital because timely identified I have cancer of the cervix — in Russia, I was observed and treated with a diagnosis of "leukoplakia". What I was quickly operated on, might have helped me to survive. Even managed to save the ovaries, which is in cancer in gynecology — great success. 
I was treated at the medical center Rambam after a heart attack six months ago. I really liked how it all works. There are special apartments for patients near the hospital, accommodation is inexpensive. Well, the location on the coast — is nice. 
It so happened that at 18 I was in a car accident in which he sustained a spinal injury. Of course, I was lucky — without fracture, hands and feet worked for me, but still had to do the surgery. After that, I almost constantly bothered by back pain. After a few years, I decided that we need to do something. Most of the information I searched online, compared prices, reviews, the approaches of doctors.  At the clinic Rambam I liked that you can consult before the trip by sending your pictures. I was offered a minimally invasive operation called the PLF, which in Israel is a long and often and in Russia virtually inaccessible. In favor of Israel and of the Rambam medical center were lower prices for treatment, lack of necessary visas. Due to the fact that I ventured on a mission abroad, I decided my problems with the lower back pain I no longer bother, and I can lead a normal and active lifestyle.
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