Solingen, academic hospital of the University of Cologne

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City clinical hospital, Solingen includes 15 clinics and institutes, providing virtually the entire spectrum of medical services.
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Solingen, academic hospital of the University of Cologne - Germany
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About clinic Solingen, academic hospital of the University of Cologne

“Solingen, academic hospital University Cologne” since 1863. This is one of the most popular medical institutions of Europe, specializing in the detection and treatment of various diseases. Admission to the center are recognized experts, physicians from around the world who constantly improve their skills. They guarantee an individual approach to each patient and achieve amazing results even in the treatment of seriously ill.

All branches of the interregional city clinical hospital in the city of Solingen is equipped with high-precision equipment. There are new generation devices for colonoscopy, mammography, ultrasound, barium enema, MRI bowel, fibroscopie. Of non-invasive methods, doctors at the hospital of the University of Cologne, the most frequently used ECG (including stress test), the study Coptica, comprehensive echocardiography, etc.

During the hospital stay “Solingen, academic hospital University of Cologne” patients can expect excellent hospital service, wholesome food. Suites are equipped with everything necessary.

Clinic reviews
My father in this clinic did the surgery to replace the vertebrae and put a new one, Titan. Details of the operation do not know, but the anesthesia, he was fine (thanks to the nice anesthesiologist), and the operation, though, and was difficult (lasted 4.5 hours), went smoothly and without incident. We learned about this clinic from the Internet (portal block), while the hospital, this is fairly famous not only in Germany but also in Europe. In Solingen, academic hospital University Cologne, annually make up to several hundred such operations, so there and asked. Now the Pope is the recovery period, but feels overall it is in a satisfactory condition.
Epilepsy I earned 5 years ago, as a result of my addiction to alcohol. Quit drinking, I'm early, but the consequences for my body was already irreversible. Spoke to 3 specialists, but the disease returned a few months of therapy. Wife on one of the forums I read about a successful cure for one man is the same disease. True, he wrote, where he cured her. Wife has become to maintain an active correspondence, to get all the details and he told me how his well-treated in Solingen academic teaching hospital of the University of Cologne in Germany. We got all the contacts and booked a hotel, flew there. Of course, prior to this I had phoned the hospital and elaborate on all the details. The hospital is very large and multi-level turned out to be and the life in it was boiling. The doctor found after the girl at the reception we all pre-painted. We have started treatment, but it will last at least 2 months. Time will tell how the treatment goes, but the doctor I got a good and very positive. P. S. the German learned in school.
After numerous migrane, I went to the doctor, because no "Nurofen" and other painkillers have not helped. The diagnosis shocked me - pituitary adenoma! Needed surgery and I ran half the city to consult a good specialists, but they all have something uncollected that it was, spoke vaguely and very obscure words. Just dad went to Germany and I asked him there to scout out the situation at the medical clinics. Then I called and was told that the best clinic Solingen, academic hospital of the University of Cologne. Many Germans about it spoke well advised. I arrived in Cologne a week by telephone. The doctor did a scan. And prescribe treatment. Really expensive everything is, but I believe in a good outcome!
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