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The American Cancer Institute in India — the most modern medical facility in India is equipped with the latest medical equipment.
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The American Cancer Institute - India
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About clinic The American Cancer Institute

the American cancer Institute in Hyderabad — this innovative medical center for treatment and diagnosis of cancer, located in Central India. It was built by leading experts of the USA and today it offers the most effective cancer treatments.

the Pride of the clinic is staff — including winners of the world awards. Surgeons American cancer Institute are constantly improving their knowledge, introduce the latest techniques to detect cancer, approved by the American professors. Junior staff of the American cancer Institute is special training, so properly caring for cancer patients. 

the American cancer Institute uses only modern equipment — systems of brachytherapy accelerators based on technologies TrueBeam system, Calypso, da Vinci, RapidArc, HDR. Quickly carry out the necessary diagnostic measures and set the correct diagnoses Oncology clinic helps own laboratory.

Clinic reviews
4 months now, came from India. Cancer diagnosis made in Moscow, not confirmed. I am writing to warn everyone. Indian doctors too are different, different levels, just like ours. Even working in such well-known clinics. So if you go to a particular specialist. And India is just a miracle... this is the "country of contrasts"!
Not only elephants famous India. Not good that way to talk about it, but secondary market of organ donation and advanced surgery has really helped my husband. We are happy
Our life changed six months ago when we learned about the terrible diagnosis of his daughter, 6 years old with leukemia. Pay for treatment abroad, we were helped by relatives, friends, just good people. Chose the Oncology Institute in India. While I can say that an intensive course of treatment daughter moved surprisingly easily. See what feels better. The doctor ... said that there is a chance. Live in hope.
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